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About us

Fashion brands
We are an Agency engaged in the distribution of national and international Fashion Brands, created by close-knit and passionate group that ensures maximum flexibility and collaboration.
The structure is located in more fronts and represent a strategic point to cope new challenges and new markets.
We cover the areas of Piedmont - Aosta Valley, Liguria and Principality of Monaco.


The Showroom was design with the most modern lighting system, which help the natural lightness of the areas in order to create exclusivity to each brand.
Indoors are dominated of neutral white tones, bardiglio and marble floorings create a timeless elegant linear geometry.


The Showroom is located into a late 18th-century building where past and future combine to create an authentic atmosphere.
Exterior to the building there are palm trees, a rose garden and a beautiful centenary magnolia, which make a great combination with the white marble statutes and create and exclusive location whit a wonderful glimpse over the sea.

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